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`Emptiness and luminosity, the nature of mind, are inseparable from awareness'

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`What a great piece of work. Being an Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine, I truly understood all of the content. Norrie presents it all in a very precise and clear fashion.' Leo Halloran

Thanks to Bryson DeChambeau, The Golfing Machine is back!

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Norrie Wright, from Jacksonville Florida, is one of the most respected and successful instructors in North America. He has greatly influenced Ed’s teaching methods. This DVD gives the essence of Norrie’s brilliance in communicating the game of golf.

"Pretty much everything I teach I learned from Norrie. This DVD distills a life’s work from a master Golf Instructor”. Ed Hanczaryk, PGA, CPGA Professional.

Sold exclusively at Ed’s Golf Studio: 29.95 + shipping

The Wright Swing was filmed and edited by documentary filmmaker James Hoagland. James also made The Lions Roar extraordinary film on the life, teachings, and death of His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa.

"The Lion's Roar speaks with uncommon clarity on the nature of Buddhist life and thought... and captures in vivid and often haunting imagery the theme of impermanence that is a key tenet in Buddhist philosophy - a belief to which the Lion's Roar stands as an important, lasting monument." Hollywood Reporter.

Norrie, in addition to having coached Donna White to victory in the US Ladies Amateur, has also worked with PGA tour players, including Bruce Crampton. He is one of the foremost students of The Golfing Machine, perhaps the most influential book and system of understanding ever created. (

He was known in his playing days as one of the longest hitters on the planet. To this day, when he demonstrates a shot, the sound of his club compressing the ball is stunning.

Norrie is mentioned in the best-selling book Turning your Mind Into an Ally by Sakyong Mipham: ( My golf instructor, Norrie says that most of us are "out- gainers", always looking to outer conditions for success instead of creating the proper conditions within.

He considers golf a game of cause and effect in which we’re both the cause and effect: We get mad, and no matter how much we want to cast the blame elsewhere, it’s we who are to blame. His point is that before taking a swing we have to center ourselves - recognize what we’re feeling and come to inner balance - if we are to if we want to make a good shot. Otherwise we’ll be at the mercy of inner volatility as well as the wind blowing across the course. If we’re too wound up or too relaxed, our ability to make the shot is compromised. If we’ve stabilized ourselves first, we’ll naturally be able to make our best swing. In order to know this, we need awareness.

Thanks Ed, the dvd arrived and I would like to thank you and Norrie ! I’m 65 and play at a Company course just outside Philly. I’m left handed and I‘ve been working on getting my left arm and elbow in the best position coming down. Not a natural move, but after seeing the demo and listening to the description I have a much better understanding. J.O.

I'm going to try your Takeaway move w/ Hip turn and HOLD to see what it produces! That's something I have NOT seen before. Mario Canal

The TRAPPER. Hit piercing irons