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Ed’s book, The Guru in your Golf Swing is now in bookstores. It can also be ordered online at sspub.ca in the US, or Amazon.caThe Guru in your Golf Swing in Canada.

"A must read, filled with the kinds of insites that can make a difference"

Mike Hebron, 1991 PGA Teacher of the year, Golf Digest top 50 teacher

"Read it and discover that you can work on your mind to play better golf, but you can also use golf to awaken your mind"

Dr Joe Parent, PGA Tour Coach and author of #1 best seller ZEN GOLF:Mastering the Mental Game




I just wanted to thank youfor such a wonderfully rich and readable book that you authored. I loved the format and guidance, especially on the meditation side. I have helped set up a couple of meditation groups as well as participate in one at Springhill prison and I have read passages from your book multiple times. You are a great warrior spirit! Tom


Read your book, awesome. On hole #6 Glen Arbour I had a terrible time; blocked 2 in woods and 4 in the water I couldn't get out of my own way. So, walking between hole 6 and 7 l took your books advice to let it go. l concentrated on the sound of my foot steps and breathing on the tee box the bad hole was left behind. The next hole a par 3 playing over 159 yards. On the tee I concentrated on my breathing took a smooth swing and got a hole in one! Thanks for the instruction on how to leave bad holes behind.


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Balancing Forces

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Game of Perfect?

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Trying too hard?


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First tee jitters? Try this.


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From a book by Les Fehmi...

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Information from The Talent Code.................................

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Six steps to mastering the mental game of golf..... introduction

I first played golf with Dr. Joe Parent  in 1976,


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In October, 2010 I attended a conference in Dallas, along with many of the top golf instructors in North America.One presenter at the Dallas Teaching Summit in October 2010, was the short game guru Stan Utley. Author of The Art of Putting, and The Art of the Short Game, Utley has become one of the top short game teachers on the PGA Tour.

By ehanczaryk on 12/11/2011 2:39 PM

The next presentation was AimPoint founder, Mark Sweeney, who was named one of golf's Top Innovators by Golf Digest Magazine, and was called "the best kept secret in golf" by the Golf Channel.

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