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10 Akerley, Unit 52, Burnside                             

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Body intelligence and mental strength through Deep Practice: feedback, knowledge, systematic improvement for all levels. We're about training, not entertaining. This is not golf-in-a-box, it is scientifically based learning. Our 19th year

About Ed Hanczaryk

Ed HanczarykEd was named Top 50 Teacher in Canada, and had been voted by his peers as Eastern Canada's Teacher of the Year four years in a row.

Ed is a  PGA  teaching professional, US and Canada,  with 33 years of experience, and a Zen Golf Certified Instructor specializing in mindfulness based stroke reduction.

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10 Akerley, Unit 52, Dartmouth/Burnside



Ernie Els before the last round of the British Open, Using his Flightscope!

Ed's Golf Studio: year round training

10 Akerley, Unit 52, Burnside


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Recent Testimonials


Hi Ed; Just wanted to let you know that the lessons Mary and I took from you in early February really paid off for us on our Florida winter vacation. Both of us have shaved strokes off of our game. Can't wait to attend your "short Game" School on our return in May. R&M

`I had to let you know that I golfed 4 rounds this week (in Florida) and I did hit my driver very well!  Each round got better and I managed to shot 98 my last day!  The noodle worked!  Thank you Ed for all your patience and kindness and of course your coaching!' NM

`Hi Ed, just wanted to let you know that I was in earlier hitting balls and I stopped into Golftown afterwards to check my swing speed. I had lots of swings over 100mph and hit a handful of balls over 260y down the middle!'

Thanks SM

`I wanted to let you know how well I've been doing since our last lesson, what you showed me in regards to squaring my clubface was game changing for me, thanks again'


Hi Ed, just wanted to let you know that the first nine out were fantastic-I was even hitting the evil 5 wood long & straight. The 18km run caught up with me on the back 9 & it went to pieces from there, but at least I knew what I was doing wrong, just too tired to correct it. My grip was great throughout the round and almost all of my shots Very pleased with my progress so far but we definitely need to work on my short game some more. Thanks again , Karen

Hi Ed, I worked on the club dropping today. It took the better part of an hour but I was able to find it. What I noticed was if I turn my hips properly back, it's easy to drop my hands. It's almost as though the hip bump\turn drags my hands down to my left hip. Then POW solid & straight.  DM

Hey Ed...three years in...single digit hdcp...greatest reduction award, three scores in the 70's...won my very first team scramble...

your methods work...cant wait til 2013.... Patrick


 Driver seems to be working.
84 at penn hills today. No triples and lots of missed putts.
Thx, ...DA

Hello Ed. Thanks for the clear and simple lesson today. I feel better about things already....EM


The "Wright Swing" is excellent.
Congratulations on putting it together.
I especially liked Norrie's point about consciously focusing on the right trigger finger to create lag. 
This is a profound reminder for golfers -- most of
whom are afflicted with "monkey mind" -- to focus properly. 
   my best... jlr


Hi Ed, Thanks so much for the great lessons I received the last few weeks. I thought you would be interested to know that I came in low net for the field at the Ashburn Ladies Club Championship. I played my personal best at The New Course which was 107 and tied my personal best at the Old Course with a 103 (45 on the front …so the back was a bit rough). I kept the “ball in play” thought on the tee and the spider hands on all the tee and fairway shots and it really helped. Many thanks and look forward to seeing for some more lessons soon M S

Please know how much I have enjoyed your unpretentious, clear and insightful videos.
What's especially nice is your light-hearted "metaphorical" approach.
Dazzling metaphors -- comparing two things that are seemingly unrelated -- reside at the core of creative thinking such as yours!
And that's precisely what golfers need: Visual mental-models that simplify the complex and that make the strange -- familiar.
my best... j r
Ed, that last lesson has transformed my 3 wood. Thanks a lot. I am now hitting it 250-260 every time if not further.
Hi Ed -
First off, big fan of your work. I ordered the Wright Swing DVD some time ago and always pop it when when struggling with my game.  It's helped quite a bit, and the messages and delivery make sense.
Hello Ed ,

Jamie and I played in the KenWo mixed tournament yesterday and placed 2nd in gross score in the 3rd division . All thanks to you .

See you next week for a lesson . MR

The meditation has helped my on course mental game. I keep letting thoughts come and go just as quickly as they appear, working on having the brain uncluttered. I will continue to practise this method as I think even with my basic knowledge of how it works, seems to be effective for me and how I cope with stress or distractions. Thanks again for the meditation lesson.

Thanks for the golf lesson - really appreciate your positive presence.  I shot one-over on eight holes at Brightwood late last night starting at 7:20pm - including parring 3 of the 4 hardest holes.  Less pull/draw on approach shots when I set the grip less strong, and try to keep the club head square at impact.

Have a great day.robr

Thanks...best lesson yet.
I felt great hitting the basket you gave me.
See you soon.